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Update From DEFRA

Defra recently issued guidance to remind breeders and keepers of the marking requirements for Annex A birds.

It has been bought to our attention that individuals may be unable to source uniquely marked leg rings or microchips due to Covid19 restrictions.

If available, keepers should use spare rings available provided they have unique marks – such as last year’s rings. If no rings are available, keepers should endeavour to microchip birds as soon as possible once restrictions are lifted.

Please be aware that there may be on-going Covid19 restrictions on unessential activity and moving livestock. If there is an urgency to move birds, keepers are reminded that non-commercial movements are subject to less regulation.

More information about gifts and donations can be found here:

The Wildlife Trade Regulation requires that permits / certificates are only issued to birds on EU Annex A which are permanently and uniquely marked.

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