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Officials, Representatives, Specialists and Ex-officio Members



Gordon Mellor

Vice Chairman

Mark Upton

Specialist Members

Dr Gordon Mellor

Helen Nakielny

Jimmy Robinson

Mark Upton

Martyn Standley

Robert Dalton

Club Representatives


Bedfordshire Hawking Club

Grant Dudley

British Falconers Club

Martyn Standley

Cheshire Hawking Club

Richard Newton

Female Falconers Club

Barbara Royle

Irish Hawking Club

Don Ryan

Scottish Hawking Club

Andrew Knowles-Brown

South East Falconry Group

Dean White and Gary Biddiss

South EasternRaptors Association

Graham Bennett

Southern Counties Falconry and Sporting Society

Robert Mayne

Welsh Hawking Club

Nick Havermann-Mart

Wessex and Hampshire Hawking Club

Paul Manning

Appointed Co-ordinator/Treasurer

Rachelle Upton

Co-opted Members

Eagle Specialist

David Fox

IAF Liaison

Mark Upton

SUN Co-ordinator

Jim Collins

Veterinary Adviser

Tom Dutton BVM&S CertAVP(ZooMed) DipECZM(avian) MRCVS

Dr Nick Fox OBE

Ex-officio Members


BIAZA. British & Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Countryside Alliance


DEFRA/Animal Health


Falconry - Inscribed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind


We represent all falconers and bird of prey keepers in the UK.

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