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As a result of EU Exit there are a number of potential changes occurring at UK borders, in the event

As a result of EU Exit there are a number of potential changes occurring at UK borders, in the event of a No Deal, that you should be aware of.

Please find attached a number of assets that you can utilise to supplement your outward communications to help your industry understand the immediate actions they should take, and to direct them to relevant sources of further information online.

These materials focus on traders preparing for a no deal EU Exit at the UK Border (if this situation were to arise) and all sign-post clearly to detailed information available at They include high-level context, audience-specific checklists and sources of further information.


Please find the videos regarding border changes on the Defra YouTube page (for both Agri-food and Chemicals), and the HRMC YouTube page (general changes for no deal).

You can find the videos in additional languages via this link.


Please find attached the leaflets regarding border changes.

We hope that you will be willing to share the materials tailored to your audience, and would be grateful if you can distribute them to as broad a range of traders within your industry as possible. Suggestions for ways of distributing them include social media, YouTube channels, newsletters and mailing lists. If you would be interested in physical distribution of the leaflets, please let us know, as we can help arrange this.

If you do use these in any way, it would be brilliant to understand how and where, and also if you had any feedback as a result from them. We can use this information to hone our communications as a result, and improve their impact.

Thank you very much and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Kind regards,

Raphael Dapaah |Policy Advisor | International EU Exit Team | Wildlife, International, Climate and Forestry (WICAF) Directorate | Defra |

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