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There have been a number of social media posts showing an individual hawking from a vehicle in the UK. What is being shown on video is illegal activity.

Pursuit of any animal from a moving vehicle is illegal under British law. Whilst permissable in a number of countries, it is not allowed here in Britian. Whilst it is true that the flying of a hawk or falcon from a vehicle has not been tested in law, to my knowledge, the consensus is that to do so is and remains against the law.

Furthermore, the video posts show hawking taking place from public roads, in industial and housing estate type settings. It is inconceivable that permission to fly over such land/property has been obtained. Quarry licences stipulate the ground where wild birds can be taken, a general license will not cover this sort of hawking.

As explained, activity such as has been seen on social media sites, is illegal and cannot be condoned. It has already been picked up and featured in several news publications. The resulting publicity is damaging to all of those who practice falconry. It brings our sport into disrepute and it must stop.

I call all any falconers who know the individual or individuals operating in this manner and publicising it, to remonstrate with them. Such selfish action damages us all.

Dr Gordon Mellor


The Hawk Board


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