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EU: Rules for non-commercial movements of pet birds into a Member State from third countries

The EU has issued the following delegated act. Delegated acts are non-legislative acts adopted by the European Commission to amend or supplement legislation, basically pieces of law that can be pushed through without going through all the usual stages . This is relevant to EU falconers wishing to travel with their birds to the UK, and to other non-EU countries and back, as well as for UK and other non-EU countries coming into the EU.

Members of the IAF Supporting Member Organization, Belgische Valkerij Federatie "" vzw., the Belgian Federation, have been particularly strong in their efforts with the EU to come up with a workable system, and they are to be congratulated. However, the interpretation and implementation of this act will still depend on individual nations who may choose to add additional conditions. If you are making enquiries in your own countries, it would be useful for you to be able to quote the requirements in this act in order to encourage the official who deals with your enquiry to actually look up everything required, and not just say no, without being familiar with what is actually needed.


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